Homeless are Humans has engaged in preserving the dignity of people in need, empowering and stopping violence against women, while promoting health equity and population health.

Making Resilient Communities

Unfortunately, thousands of women and homeless voices have not yet been heard; we spread awareness for our cause. The organization is working to make the world a better place for everyone to live.




Our Programs

Homeless are Humans helps the needy community through the Placement Coordinator, Sack Lunch, and Community Outreach Programs. In addition, the organization will develop two major programs for the future, including Telemedicine and a Skilled Nursing Care Facility highly committed to helping the community in need. Homeless are Humans is an alternative program with a holistic approach promoting health equity and population health, helping the community in need.

How We Can Help

With all the talk about homelessness, violence, and cities ordinances, many people ask themselves how to help homeless populations. You can help most directly by volunteering, sponsoring, coaching, donating, and participating in fundraising activities. Homeless are Humans focuses on helping women in the homeless community and stopping violence against women providing compassion, social support services, shelter allocation, food, health care, clothing, and finance stabilization. In addition, the organization challenges attendees and promotes health, hope, happiness, success, and a drug-free life through stability, training, and mentorship.


“Never allow your mind dominate your success, keep fighting, never surrender, and you will see what you can achieve.” – Roland H.,  founder

Our Annual Impact

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On the Blog

In Memory of our Homeless

In Memory of our Homeless

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Success Story: A Hopeful New Beginning

Success Story: A Hopeful New Beginning

Homeless are humans is committed to empowering the communities we serve through success stories. Our organization carries a direct message from those who have walked the dark road but have struggled to find the light at the end of the tunnel to turn their lives around. This blog is created as a means of communication…

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