HOMELESS are HUMANS Corporation is a 501 [c][3] nonprofit organization with deep roots based on faith and founded as an alternative program where the homeless community will treat with dignity and respect. The organization is creating a new way of sustainability while taking a socially responsible approach and leaving a stable world for the next generation. It focuses on bringing attention to social problems and develops sustainable proposals with a holistic approach in its different dimensions, to provide social equity, build a substantial focus on health, empowering, and integrality while eradicating social injustice.

Our Vision

Our vision is to inspire equality by building a solid pathway, integrating community programs such as housing, education, job training, counseling, rehabilitation, and crisis intervention.

Our Mission

Our mission is to empower a successful reentry into society. Eradicating social injustice and preserving the dignity of people in need.

Where We Work


The key to our aligning pathway focuses on housing stabilization and creating a systematic approach to identifying and solving problems for women at risk of homelessness. The organization will support empowerment while fostering responsibility. Homeless are Humans reach out to communities to create equal access to housing while connecting women to available resources and community support to attain long-term financial security. In addition, we are committed to the promovization of health equity and population health.

What We Do

Homeless are Humans coordinated entry point framework transforms the Continuum of Care (CoC) into a fully integrated crisis response system, providing a network for homeless assistance. The organization focuses on Access, Assessment, Prioritization, and Referral, emphasizing prevention for those at risk and rapid access to housing; while working with community partners, providers, and shelter allocation.

Meet Our Team

Homeless are Humans Corporation works closely with the homeless community to provide social equity empowerment while eradicating social injustice and stopping violence against women. Our staff and directors advocate for our cause and lead the organization to ensure that our services smoothly and efficiently with client focus.