Homeless are humans is committed to empowering the communities we serve through success stories. Our organization carries a direct message from those who have walked the dark road but have struggled to find the light at the end of the tunnel to turn their lives around. This blog is created as a means of communication to share stories and tips that serve as hope and help transform the lives of people who need those words of encouragement.

Rolando’s Story

I am the five of nine siblings. I was born into a home where physical abuse and alcoholism were present. At the young age of two, I grew familiar with roaming the streets in the downtown area. My dad left us, and my mom spent most of her time at the local bars. Sadly, that became her lifestyle as she wanted to escape from her traumas and struggles; that is how I learned my way around. My siblings and I walked the streets and into the bars looking for our mom. As young children, my sister and I prepared what we had available to eat. By age four, my uncle reported our situation to child protective services. As a result, CPS removed us permanently from our mom’s house. 

In 1978 my life started a new journey as the child of Flora V. Marrero Bruno and Angel Arroyo, a couple that could not bear children. I felt welcomed and loved in that household, provided for by a family that put my well-being as a priority. I learned about God’s provision to each one regardless of conditions or circumstances. In addition, my foster parents taught me the significance of moral values and deep-rooted faith.

My fathers were a missionary and chaplain. They preached out about the goodness of God and Jesus’s love. Their passion for helping the needy took an essential role in our communities. While serving God, they were fully committed to supporting and praying for people. My parent’s faith was based on her love for God; my mom counseled many and worked very closely with kids at risk. In addition, she was a playwright and a poet that inspired many.

As I grew up, I learned and observed people’s struggles in their lives. As a result, I have worked with prisoners, victims, the homeless, and children in need throughout the years. I have seen firsthand their struggles, fears, feelings, and passions. But also the lack of support system from their communities, families, and friends. In 2018, my mother left her mission to be with the Creator. My parents set the example for me; I added their mission to my life. I will continue to support those in need through Homeless are Humans Corporation to serve our communities in multiple ways creating that support system.